1. Situation assessment / Data acquisition:

Interview on the task to be performed and the realistically expected goals.
To define and agree on key objectives and set clear expectations.
To define the necessary information, the necessary steps, tasks, tools and the important indicators

2. Preparation of the proposal / Acceptance, agreement:

Based on the analysis of the situation, I’ll present and send a preliminary plan and offer.
In case of acceptance of the proposal, I will prepare a detailed sequence plan and the implementation of the tasks to be performed, together we will fix the necessary support.

3. Execution, implementation / Results analysis:

We will start working effectively according to the agreed plan and the order of tasks to be performed

Measured and monitored the indicators of the performed tasks and fine-tune if. Tasks will be performed based on a PDCA action list.

4. Lesson learned:

To summarize the experience learned, then the organization can apply it independently or together with me if need. use the experiences for a similar product, process, area, etc.

5. Support: 

I wouldn’t leave you alone after the work was done. If necessary, we can continue the work. Contact: Phone / Email / Messenger etc.