High Quality, Value Added Services, Objectivity, Commitment and Customer Satisfaction

Interim Manager / Expert

  • Comprehensive, general Quality Management experience in various industries (automotive, electronics, energy)
  • Construct, manage Quality, Production or Technology department
  • Supporting leaders in generational change
  • Quality management, Quality, Manufacturing or Technology consulting, support

Project management

  • Organize, manage and control Quality, Production or Technical projects
  • Project review
  • Quick actions and intervention
  • Assisting project tasks, managing if necessary

ISO 9001 Quality System

  • ISO 9001 Quality system Building
  • ISO 9001 Quality system Developing
  • ISO 9001 Quality system Improving
  • ISO 9001 Quality system Maintaining

Auditing / Documentations

  • Lead company internal audits and documentations
  • Carry out company internal procedures, processes and develop new / extend the procedure if necessary
  • Preparing the company for an ISO audit
  • Monitoring company indicators
  • Auditing of production processes
  • Suggestions and improvements
  • Preparation, implementation and ma maintain internal Technology, Production process documentation

Business / Organization

  • Defining, analysing and monitoring Management goals
  • Definition of problems, Priority, analysis and exploration of causes, solution proposals, action list / responsible, control
  • Process optimization, regulation, development
  • Efficiency increasing
  • Supporting leaders on generational change

Technology, Engineering area

  • Construct, lead and organize Technology department
  • Define and monitor goals of Technical department
  • Construct, lead and organize Maintenance department
  • Define and monitor goals of Maintenance department
  • Prepare and monitor the budget of the Technology and Maintenance Department
  • Prepare, maintain and carry out the Technology, Maintenance and Production documentation (even at the automotive level)
  • Prepare, maintain and carry out Flowchart, FMEA, Control Plan documentation
  • Participant in APQP
  • Prepare PPAP documentation
  • Prepare, analyze SPC and MSA data
  • Support daily production
  • Prepare, implement and document Process developing projects
  • Handle customer complaints
  • Perform NPI tasks
  • Lean expert (5S, Poke-Yoke, Kaizen, TPM etc.)
  • Using Problem solving tools (QRQC, 8D, Fishbone, PDCA, 5W, Pareto, etc.)

Quality area

  • Construct, lead and organize Quality department
  • Preparation and monitoring of the budget of the Quality department
  • Define and monitor goals of Quality department
  • Supplier quality
  • Regular supplier audits
  • Manufacturing quality controls
  • Prepare and analyze SPC data
  • Implement manufacturing actions
  • Customer quality
  • Measuring instruments

Manufacturing area

  • Construct, lead and organize Production department
  • Preparation and monitoring of the budget of the Production department
  • Prepare and maintain Production documentations
  • Production support
  • Production process improvement
  • Production planning, organizing
  • Handling customer complaints
  • Using problem solving tools
  • Maximize equipment and labor utilization

Quick catch-up basic information sharing

  • ISO 9001 Quality System
  • IATF 16949 Quality System
  • ISO 14001
  • TISAX, ISO 27001
  • APQP: Advanced Product Quality Planning
  • PPAP: Production Part Approval Process
  • FMEA: Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
  • MSA: Measuring System Analysis
  • SPC: Statistical Process Control
  • CP: Control Plan
  • FC: Flow Chart
  • Measuring instruments handling
  • Maintenance Management
  • Leading, Managing and Organizing Technical department
  • Leading, Managing and Organizing Maintenance department
  • Leading, Managing and Organizing Quality department
  • Lean (5S, Kaizen, TPM, 7 Muda, SMED, Poke-Yoke, etc.)
  • Using problem solving tools (8D, Fishbone, PDCA, 5W, Pareto, etc.)
  • Six Sigma: DMAIC