Interim Management is a temporarily appointed external, so-called an interim manager / expert. A person who arrives at the organization for a period of time or for a specific task — transferring and deploying management skills, knowledge for the client in order to resolve a particular crisis situation, change management situation, project planning situation, consulting situation or bridging an emptied important position and leaves after completing a task.

In my position, the interim manager / interim expert also includes consulting, supporting and training. My work is characterized by a structured mindset, ability to review with excellent planning and strategist skills.

As an independent entrepreneur, I’m available for all companies, if you are looking for an expert or manager for Quality Management, Technological Engineering Management, Production Management.

In the case of a mandate, I strive to achieve mutually agreed, realistic, achievable, measurable and sustainable goals

What are the benefits of entrusting me with the task?

  • Available immediately,
  • Versatile, highly experienced, professionally and humanly demanding,
  • Effective task performance
  • Cost – effective: There are no additional costs associated comparing with the company permanent employees (leave, telephone, car, employer ‘s contribution, severance pay

I can help and support you if you have:

  • Sudden shortfall in management (illness, childbirth, termination, etc.)
  • Long-term employee search for a particular position Special skills
  • For special abilities (specific position, specific task)
  • Additional capacity required to carry out a specific project
  • Strengthen a team in a particular project
  • In the event of organizational transformation (change management)
  • Significant growth, business development
  • Start a new department
  • New product launch and structured documentation
  • Company employees do not row in one direction
  • Time is too valuable to constantly look for those in charge of errors
  • Powers and responsibilities are not clear
  • Just make things run smoother
  • Anything that fits my preparedness