My commitment to ethical behavior and a solid ethical foundation are one of the most important elements of my business. I am committed to running a business based on fair, ethical culture and compliance.

In the long term, I can only face the challenges of a competitive market if I personally take moral responsibility for my principles. In my work, I am always obliged to act lawfully and ethic.

1. Ethical Principles / Values

The core values of the company

• Honesty
• Fairness
• Credibility
• Respect for others
• Responsibility
• Accountability
• Reliability
• Respect for the law

2. Compliance with legislation

My commitment to fairness begins with compliance with laws and regulations. I know and comply with the laws and regulations necessary to conduct business legally.
I will abide by all of my valid contractual obligations and will not abuse my rights.

3. Confidentiality, information security, trade secrets and intellectual property protection

I am committed to ensuring the completeness, confidentiality and availability of business information. A trade secret includes any information that has not yet been disclosed and would be detrimental to my partners if it became available to unauthorized persons.

4. Data protection, protection of personal data

I respect everyone’s privacy rights and recognize the need for my partners and other individuals to be sure that their personal information is handled properly, solely for legitimate business purposes. I am committed to complying with data protection laws. I will only collect and process personal data that is necessary and provide relevant information to those concerned about these activities.